"How To Properly Build A 6-Figure Business"

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Joshua T. Osborne

Josh is a highly successful digital marketer and entrepreneur, whose agency brings in $300-400,000 in recurring revenue every single month. As a long-time business/entrepreneurship coach, he’s helped hundreds of everyday folks start their own agencies and achieve financial freedom.

Sean Kochel

Sean is a professional media buyer (that’s fancy talk for “ads guy”) who manages millions of dollars in monthly ad spend (including about $1 million a year for Josh). Sean usually doesn’t take clients who spend less than $50k a month on ads, but he’s agreed to share his secrets exclusively with members of this program.
Inside this program, we’re giving you all the skills you need to SCALE virtually any business…

See, if you want to scale a business in the 21st Century, online ads aren’t an option – they’re a requirement.

And if you can’t help your clients get results with online ads, they WILL go somewhere else.

Your clients are counting on you to be a problem-solver. The more problems you can solve, the more they will depend on you. AND the more they will pay you.